Customer Testimonials
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Customer Testimonials

 Bill, MD

This is a note of thanks to Marty and his team at Conte’s Corvettes and Classic Cars. Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of purchasing a 2007 Roush Mustang from Marty. It had been professionally detailed and all mechanical and electrical systems checked. It looked like a brand new car!

Marty and his team had gone the extra mile and it showed in every detail! I never felt rushed in the purchasing process and all the paperwork was in order. I had a few mechanical type questions and Marty answered them all. I have been driving my Roush Mustang a week now and everything on it is functioning as it should.

It has been a fun ride, with a lot of sweet exhaust tones! I look forward to purchasing another Corvette or Classic Car from Marty and his team of professionals at Conte’s Corvettes and Classics!


Bob, OH

Typically, when I acquire a Corvette, I am usually ok with what I`ve purchased. However with the arrival of the 1996 Convertible with Arctic White/Red Interior and LT4 Engine/6-speed manual transmission, I was speechless!

This is by far the best kept, well maintained, <26K mile car I`ve ever seen. It`s just spectacular!

The fact that it is essentially a Grand Sport given the drivetrain and suspension set-up is beyond belief!

Of the 15 or so Corvettes I`ve owned, covering all years from C1`s through C7`s, some brand new, some restored or in need of a bit of TLC, this is by far the nicest of them all!

It`s been a pleasure as always doing business with you and Conte`s Corvettes Marty!

Great Cars, Great Deals and the best service anywhere!

Until the next one… be safe, be prosperous and a very Happy New Year to you and the rest of the Conte`s Corvettes Team!


Phil & Donna, NJ

Hi Marty. I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We are so happy with our new corvette. And I can’t thank you enough for sending the boys out to help me when I got stranded on the way home. You run an outstanding honest business and it was a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks again. Oh yeah one more thing, when can we schedule for you to take my ABS light out? Ha ha. Just kidding. You’re the best!


Robert, OR

Marty & Company:   

I would like to thank you for the help you provided.  The car arrived here Tuesday night and we unloaded it right in front of my house.  The driver was impressed with the area and told me he will move here someday.  The car is beautiful and due to the fact that I can't get into the DMV until August 5th, I'll have to keep it the car close to home.  The title arrived when you secretary said it would, so I'm impressed with what you did.  The fabric on the inside of the driver's door came loose, so I tried to find an upholstery shop to fix the door, and with my luck everyone I called was booked out until August.  Anyway, I'm pleased as punch and I now have a different opinion of those who sell automobiles.  Thank you so much.  I'm happy and ready to show off!!!  If you ever get to Oregon, call and I think I can find a pretty good steak house.  My treat!!


Barbara, VA

Dear Marty,
Your business took a long time to get to , but was well worth the trip. Buying a car from you was very easy. Your staff was great, especially Mike.
We are enjoying the car and Jeff wants to put a lift in our barn for the car. It is now kept in my garage so my car was kicked out for the summer.
I found Jeff sitting in a chair admiring the car the morning after it was delivered. It certainly turns heads when we are driving.
Thanks again.


Barry, NJ

My experience with Conte's Corvette has morphed into a deep trust in a company that values customers over anything else. Marty is always available to field calls about my 50th anniversary 2003 Corvette. I was new to the Corvette family and Marty took the time to explain the pros and cons of each generation. Conte's Corvette has earned my trust and if you are looking to purchase a Corvette or require service,.. I can’t say enough about how well they treat you. To Conte's Corvette I say thanks for all.


Carol, NJ

I just wanted to thank Marty for selling our beloved corvette. My husband purchased the car as his dream retirement gift. UNFORTUNATELY , he got sick and we had to sell the car. marty made this undertaking seamless. He was kind and compassionate and sold the car within two weeks. he took all of the stress off of my plate and handled everything. I highly recommended Conte Corvette. 


Mike, PA

Marty and Company, I would have penned this earlier, but I have been much too busy getting familiar with my new fabulous purchase. To digress, I first spotted this car on your site some 1 1/2 years ago , when I showed the pictures to my wife, she said “you can buy that car for me today!” Calling the next morning, unfortunately “under contract!” Disappointment, to be sure. Two weeks ago, I visited your site and could not believe that this car was back! Calling the next morning, first thing, I was bound and determined to have that car, and it was available. Now, I am an old guy, used to doing things the old fashioned way, in person! But, due to current issues with COVID, etc. it is very difficult to work that way. With many questions, even though the photographs indicated a particularly well kept and pristine vehicle, Marty was more than wiling to spend the time with me and detail the history, mechanicals, and improvements to this vehicle. I was convinced! Done deal! Check is in the mail!! How do you do this long distance? First, Michelle (Office Administrator) was instrumental in sending me all the documents and  requirements needed to complete the transaction. All by e-mail ! Could not have been easier, or faster. Thank you, Michelle! Next, I wasn’t going to be able to get over to New Jersey to pick the car up. Back to Marty, “ can you help me  to get the car shipped with a reliable transporter?” Next morning, I received a most reasonable quote and assurance for reliable delivery. Now, Dave comes into the picture. He contacted me and kept me in the loop, calling Thursday night with the car loaded and indicating he would be at  my home Friday morning between 10:30 - 11:00 AM. Call the next morning, “ my ETA is 10:35”. On the dot! But when my car rolled down the ramp, I was overwhelmed! Better than I could have hoped for , no hype or misinformation at all regarding this car! In all this could not have been a better experience for me! My sincere thanks to the entire Conte’s organization.  Most sincerely,  Mike


Barry, NJ

It has been just a little over a year since I bought my 1973 Corvette from Marty. My wife and I came down for my 70th birthday to finally obtain something that I had years ago. Now that I am 71, I am proud to say that I have a fantastic Corvette again. Early in my life I had a 64,69, and a 72. I then went into business selling office furniture to corporations level so I had to put sedans into my life for business purposes. After being married now for 31 years and telling my wife Merryl  almost every year, that I'll get a  Vette again some day. She said last year on my 70th birthday this is my present to you we are getting  a VETTE. MARTY IS GREAT, LOW PRESSURE. HE WILL HELP YOU WITH EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR CONCERN AND PURCHASE. I APPRECIATE SUCH PERSONAL CONCERN MARTY EXUDED TO MAKE MY 70TH. SUCH A MEMORABLE OCCASION. HE IS THE BEST IN FULFILLING YOUR NEEDS.


Jeffrey, NJ

Hi Marty,
 Just wanted to send you a note to say how pleased Theresa and I are with the purchase that we made.  This car is something that we both always wanted.  The sales experience was an absolute pleasure.  I explained to you what our goals were for a vehicle and you met all of our needs.  Thanks to you and your team Contes made our dream come true.


Doug & Cheryl, TX
Marty, words cannot describe my excitement with the car you found for us!! It's exactly what we had wanted - only in better shape and with fewer miles!

You have been so helpful, so knowledgeable, so polite and energetic in assisting us with this purchase that it's hard to describe how happy we are.

Suffice to say that you found the car of our dreams at a very affordable and surprising price and we are thrilled and grateful!!

If anyone ever wants to talk to a satisfied customer, you feel free to send them my way and I'll be happy to describe my shopping experience with you.

Doug and Cheryl, Texas

Dave & Justin C., NJ
Marty - We just wanted to take a moment to offer our sincere thanks with helping us sell our '72 Stingray. As a consignment sale, you treated and marketed our car as if it was your own and throughout the sale process, you treated us like family. Your team understood the market for our car and you saw to it that our Vette went to a good home at a fair price.

Throughout the time that our Corvette was in your inventory, you remained in contact with us every step of the way and we always felt that our car, which was very special to us and that we had restored together as father and son, was in good hands. Above all, you completely understood that our car was more than just a car to us, and that the process was just as much about saying goodbye to something important to us as it was a business transaction. All the while, you ensured that the business transaction went smoothly and we were treated fairly.

We are happy to recommend to anyone that is considering selling their Corvette to consider a consignment sale with Contes!

Many thanks,
Dave and Justin C., New Jersey

Angela M., NJ
In 2003, my husband bought his “dream” car, a red Corvette convertible, from Conte’s Corvettes in Vineland, NJ. He was a very satisfied customer for many years.

In late 2016, the time came to sell my late husband's treasured 1995 Corvette. Me and my children made the conscious choice to bring it back to Conte's. I went back there seeking some advice and guidance regarding selling his “dream” car. Just like the purchase, this was an emotional experience.

From our first meeting with Marty Pinder and his staff, I knew we had made the right decision. Marty treated us with the utmost respect, addressing our needs and concerns with care and compassion, answering questions as he described the process. Marty provided us with the information we needed to make an informed decision. He kept us up to date as things moved along and notified me regularly with updates on the status. I found him to be honest and knowledgeable in his assessments. He made me feel at ease with my decision and I really needed and appreciated that reassurance.
Marty listened. In my opinion, that really mattered to me and made all the difference.

Thanks to Marty and the Conte staff, the little Red Corvette has found a new owner and a new home. I am grateful for your help. I know my husband is smiling too.

Based on my outstanding experience (and that of my husband in 2003), I would highly recommend Conte’s Corvettes without hesitation.

- Angela M., New Jersey

Jerry M., NJ
Back in September 2015 I decided the 2015-16 academic year would be my last and I applied for retirement with the state. Having had a GTO and 442 in my younger days and currently owning a cherry 1976 Pontiac Gran Prix decided I wanted to treat myself to a classic corvette in retirement. I began looking for a very nice all original 1978 or 79 corvette. Over the past 18 months I searched 8 to 10 internet sites daily, drove to North Jersey, to the shore and even to Central Pennsylvania but found nothing I really wanted. This past Monday morning I drove by Conte’s Corvettes, which had been one of the web sites I was watching, and spied a black 1979 vette out front. I turned around and drove in and the rest is history.

Marty and his staff treated me like an old friend. We talked about the car, test drove it and reminisced about cars we have had over the years. To make a long story short I purchased the car and fell in love with it, driving it the entire day after picking it up that morning.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Conte’s Corvettes, Marty and their staff to anyone who is looking and ready to purchase a quality classic corvette.


Jerry M., New Jersey

Bert, Florida
About two weeks ago I took delivery of a 1963 Corvette split window coupe (yeah, THAT one--the iconic model for Corvettes then and now). I bought it sight unseen from Marty at Conte's relying solely on the internet pictures and what he told me about the condition. I had the car shipped from Vineland down to Florida without too much drama---there is always a little when moving cars around the country.

While the car looked very good as it came out of the transporter, I know that there can be hidden issues behind that glossy paint so I have waited two weeks to write my impressions. In the interim, I've gone over the car inside and out, and had two mechanics do they thing as well. Now I can say with a high degree of assurance, the car is as good as they made them in 1963. While no car is ever "perfect", this car comes very close. I told Marty the best surprise is no surprise and that's what I got. The car was fairly represented and nothing was hidden or glossed over. If only all car purchases were as honest......

I've never met Marty but hope to if I can lure him to Florida this winter but Marty Pinder comes across as a real "car guy" not just so another person trying to make his sales quota. He was accessible, willing to spend time on the phone, and accurate in his assessment of this car. Given these qualities, I would buy another from him without an inspection. Never got to speak with Joe Conte himself but there was no need to---Marty was able to accomplish everything that I asked for without the old tired excuse of "Let me take it to the boss in the back and see what he will do."

To steal an advertising line from some TV ad, THIS is the way car buying SHOULD be ---no hassles, no surprises, just honest representations about the product.

Bert, Florida

Chuck & Jill, New Jersey
My wife and I traded just our beloved ’92 red convertible at Conte’s Corvettes for a phenomenal ’99 pewter convertible. Just as in 2007 when we bought the ’92 from Joe Conte, this experience was such a pleasure. Marty and I had a few prior conversations about the pewter ’99 after my wife and I became interested in it. I learned all about the many upgrades in the C5 and in that particular ‘99 that turned out to be even more evident once we visited the showroom and test drove the ’99. We concluded the transaction that day and left the showroom in the comfort and ultimate performance of the ’99 with smiles from ear to ear all the way home for the 2 hour drive. A heartfelt thanks to Marty and the Conte’s team for another truly fantastic experience. My wife and I feel like we are one of the family at Conte’s.

Best regards,
Chuck & Jill, New Jersey

Don & Mary, New Jersey
Dear Marty & Joe, Thank you for handling the sale of my '93 40th Anniversary Edition. I am very happy with the price you received for the vette. My wife & I are also quite pleased with your outstanding service & the professional manner the process was accomplished.

Don & Mary, New Jersey

Joe, Pennsylvania
Marty, Just a short note to say " Thank You" to you and the staff at Conte's for making the purchase of my Vette a wonderful experience... I have purchased many cars over the years but I have to say this was ,by far, the best of all of them all... To you and your staff ,Thanks Again for everything. Have a nice day !!!

Joe, Pennsylvania

Pat & Bob, Englewood Fl
Marty, Pat and I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent over the phone in making our deal,We have never bought a car without seeing it. But after living in Vineland and visiting your showroom we knew your cars were no-1.
Pat and I could not believe our eyes when the car came off the truck, it looked better than the new one we bought back in 1993 so our Ruby red 40th anv after spending 22 years with little use its ready to play, here in Fl the sun always shines so the top will be down and the wheels will turn a lot.
Once again thanks again for this show car that will see a new life.

Pat & Bob, Englewood Fl

Pete & Lisa, Delaware
I want to say a huge Thank you to you! The Friday I rode up there to look at your inventory you took well over an hour to show me all the cars and educate me on what I was looking at. There was no pressure at all. I walked out of there not knowing which one I was going to buy or when but I knew the car would come from Conte’s no matter what. The very next day here we are now discussing the car I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.
I wear my shirt and tell everyone where the car came from. I am so glad by chance I found your place on Facebook and got a chance to meet you. You are a super nice guy and I am going to drop in sometime to say Hi and bring my son to look at the cars.
Again Thank you for everything!

Pete & Lisa, Delaware

Bart, New Jersey
Hi Marty, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting you again. Your showroom is a Corvette museum and I can't get enough. For those like myself who grew up with Corvette posters on our walls, finally buying my first Vette was a dream come true. It took a long time but it was well worth it. Thank you and Joe for making is such a fun experience.

Bart, New Jersey

Vaughn, Pennsylvania
Joe, Marty and Michelle, I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone at Conte's Corvettes for all your help in getting my 1971 LT1 ready for me and for getting it delivered to my door in show room condition.

I've owned many classic Corvettes in the past including a 1971 LT1-Ontario Orange Coupe. I loved that car and have looked for a replacement for many years. This LT1 is very similar with the exception of being a Convertible.

I have really enjoyed all the conversations we have had concerning things I wanted done to my car prior to delivery and for the excellent service department and for making this a great experience. I look forward to talking to you again and would not hesitate to buy another Corvette from Conte's.

Thank you,
Vaughn, Pennsylvania

Gene, New Jersey
After more than 30 years I decided to jump back into Corvette ownership.
I met Joe many years ago as this is my fourth Vet. I couldn't believe how little he has changed and that was great news... I can't add anymore than what is written on his brochure..
It is a tribute to him to say that he has been able to maintain his brand for 40 years.
Thanks again for everything.... I am enjoying the hell out of this one!!!!!

Gene, New Jersey

Rose & Bob, Massachusetts
Joe & Tricia, I just want to take the time to personally thank you not only for a pleasant buying experience, but also for the overall quality of my 1962 Corvette. As with any 50+ year old vehicle, there are issues to be worked through, but Joe has made this part extremely easy - backing up his reputation in the Corvette community as a person of integrity and a pleasure to do business with.

When I came across this car on line, there was an accompanying link asking about Conte's Corvettes. The National Corvette Forum came up with 2-3/4 pages of nothing but positive posts - right then, I knew I had nothing to worry about.

We are enjoying the car immensely - next step is to remove the hardtop and get ready for top down cruising. Thank you again for selling me the 'Vette of my dreams...The family loves it, especially the grand kids. Thank You again for a seamless pressure free transaction,

Rose & Bob

Joe, Thank you so much for everything! It was as always a pleasure dealing with you again after all these years. Talk to you soon.
Sincerely, Carol

Fran and Diane, New Jersey
Trisha and Joe, Our second purchase from you in 8 months!!!!! When we purchased our very first corvette from you this spring, never in a million years did we think we would be upgrading to a newer model just 8 months later!!!

We brought our 2005 convertible in for an oil change in November and ended up upgrading to a 2010 yellow coupe .
Quite an expensive oil change .. But well worth it!
We LOVE our "mild to wild" corvette.

We had the same hassle free buying experience the second time around. It is an absolute pleasure dealing with such honest, knowledgeable, down to earth people.

Thank you both.
Diane and Fran, New Jersey

Bill, Virginia
Hello Joe, Patricia and Jim, wanted to let you all know that I am enjoying being a Corvette owner once again, the car ran great going home (24 MPG). Will put in a new heater core this weekend and it will be good to go for many more miles. Hopefully the paperwork will arrive soon and it will be wearing Virginia tags. Thanks so much and it was nice to meet all of you, have a good Thanksgiving, best regards, Bill

Ray & Kathy, New Jersey
Hi Joe, Kathy and I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience we had purchasing the 1960 Corvette from you.

It's rare that you meet someone of your caliber these days. After talking with you on our first visit, we knew we would purchase a car from you because we felt you were extremely honest and had many of the same principles we try to live by. We were so happy that it was the 1960 and thank you for giving us the opportunity to make the it all happen.

We can't thank you enough for everything and for making my dream come true in owning this classic. It was a great drive home from your shop and I can assure you I will take very good care of the car.

Thanks again,


Robert & Ethel, Pennsylvania
Thank You...Both Joe & Patricia & Staff

What a wonderful experience in purchasing my dream car. You're the best. Just got my tags today...all is well.

Again thank u for a great car & experience.

Robert & Ethel, Pennsylvania

K&M;, Texas
Trish, and Conte family, I wish I could give you a big thank you hug !!!
The vette has arrived and is in my buddies shop garage waiting until I can finalize my plan to surprise my wife.

You guys are class, and did it right. The deliver truck was FIRST CLASS - what a NICE RIG !!! you get a A+ in my book.

FYI, the plan right now to surprise Michelle is looking like Sat May 25th. I will "plant" the vet in with valet guys at this high-end restaurant she loves sometime that afternoon. Then, my buddy who has has it in his garage will us out dinner. Mike and his wife will drive, we ride. During dinner I am going to have valet guy pull vet up in the "special / show-off" parking area and when we walk out, she WILL NOTICE Vet...and comment on it....I will talk it up for a while until I hand Michelle the keys :-)
This is going to be fun.

Cheers, Kim, TX

Bill, Pennsylvania
Joe, I got the wheels and all of the extras. Please tell the original owner "Thanks". And of course a big thanks to you as well. This has been the best car buying experience I ever had.

Francis & Diane R., New Jersey
It's been my husband's dream for 50 years to one day own a Corvette. This year, with the help of Joe and his awesome staff, we were able to purchase our very first Corvette. (Why did we ever wait so long?)

Even now, three months later, when we open our garage door and see that beautiful, flawless 2005 silver Corvette convertible sitting there, we can hardly believe it belongs to us. (Everyone thinks it is a new Vette!)

We never thought we'd ever trust a used car dealer since we haven't had the best of luck with prior car purchases, but Joe is truly the exception. There was one minor issue with our Vette which we were made aware of, and as promised, it was repaired as soon as the part came in, at no cost to us. Joe is truly a man of his word!

Now that we have experienced the joy of owning a Corvette, we will definitely be visiting Joe again when we decide to "upgrade" to a newer model!!!! (Which may be sooner than later).

Thanks Joe for loving what you do, and taking such pride in your Corvettes.

Francis & Diane R., New Jersey

Jack, Pennsylvania
I wish to thank you for sending me parts and papers for the the Corvette I purchased at your store. Most other dealers would just toss these items.

I am very impressed with your service and would not hesitate to deal with you in the future.


Wilson, Ohio
Dear Joe, Your company truly provided the most unique and professional experience I have ever had in purchasing a automobile.

I want to thank you and your wife for providing such a unique and pleasurable experience in the purchase of the 1978 Pace Car. As you know my son and I drove the car back to Dayton and had the most fun ride it was great. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and God Bless bring you back to good health quickly. Thanks for everything, Wilson

Walter, NJ & FL
Dear Joe, As I indicated last week, I wanted to take a few moments to compliment you and your terrific staff for your recent assistance in purchasing my second vette from you in the last four years. My first purchase, a 1970 Vette, turned out to become a show car. After numerous car show trophies and little driving, I decided to have you sell it for me. Your efforts were great and within about one month you sold it. Four months later, I got the itch again, this time looking for more of a daily driver, I visited you once again and purchased a 96. Not only does this car run great, but it is in A-1 condition and could be another show car.
In my three different purchasing and selling experiences with you, what I appreciate most is not only the professionalism and knowledge you communicate, but also the complete lack of stress one experiences when purchasing an automobile from you. You make the transaction fun and educational at the same time.

At all the shows I have attended and folks who I bump into and talk about Corvettes, I always let them know where I purchased my cars. Not surprisingly, most know about Conte's Corvettes and speak well of their experiences as well.

In summing up my experiences, I will always recommend Conte's for "the place" to buy a great used Corvette.

If only all car buying experiences could be as pleasant as it is in dealing with you and your wonderful and courteous staff.

Walter, NJ & FL

J.C. & Mary, Vermont
Hello Joe, Michelle, Tricia and all the good folks at Conte's Corvettes!

Mary and I just wanted to let you know how much we are loving the '82 Collector's Edition you sold us. The car is so much fun and in amazing condition. Whenever we take it out for a ride people wave, stare, honk and comment on how beautiful the car is. Mary has even dubbed it. "...the best car to tool around in!" The 82' sounds great and runs real smooth over Vermont's twisty back roads- cool breeze blowing through the T-tops. Every sunny day this '82 is going somewhere with one us- so we are happy to announce 1,000 miles driven since taking delivery on that cold night April 20th. Every journey has just been magical with this car. It will continue to see excellent care and pampering with us, here in the Green Mountains.

Thank you to everyone at Conte's for making the Corvette dream come true for us!

All the best,
J.C. and Mary, VT

Bill, Massachusetts
Hi Joe, I just wanted for you to know that the 1965 Corvette coupe was delivered to me by Intercity Lines this past Saturday. It was a beautiful day, so I took it for a short ride! The car runs and drives beautifully. Since I had only seen it in your showroom, I did not know what to expect in the daylight. The car is beautiful in the sunlight! When Intercity was unloading the car, there was a traffic jam forming and people were getting out of their cars taking pictures of it! I am very pleased with the car and with the way that you conduct business. It is a refreshing change from the norm. I have been around these cars for over 40 years and know what is out there in the market. I would highly recommend Conte's to anyone who asks where to go to buy a nice car. I have already given a recommendation to a few people who are looking for cars. I will keep in touch, and stop by when I am in the area. Thanks again for such an easy transaction and a nice car!

Bill, MA

Frank, New Jersey
Joe, I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Michelle, and the entire Conte’s organization for making the purchase of my 90’ Corvette a pleasurable, and hassle free experience.
I greatly appreciate the personalized service each and every time I called with a question, when I arrived to test drive the car, and in completing the transaction.
Joe has a great eye for Corvette’s, which is evident in the mechanical condition and great looks of my Vette. I sincerely appreciate you finding me the additional doc’s on the car, and making me that folder for the car which I hinted that I was going to create.

I am a customer for life, and will highly recommend Conte’s Corvettes to anyone in the market for a Vette.

Frank, NJ

Tim, Pennsylvania
Joe, I wanted to Thank You for the 1999 torch red FRC Corvette I purchased from you back in January. I’ve had nothing but compliments on it since bringing it home. I also appreciate that you took care of the issue with the EMT tire.
I had done my research when deciding where to look when I was ready to purchase and I’m glad that I picked Conte’s Corvettes.
I joined the Allentown Area Corvette Club (150 members) and attended their Springfest Corvette Show this past weekend where there were over 150 Corvettes entered. I’m proud to say that I took home 2nd Place in the C5 Class in my 1st Vette show ever!!! I also wore the Conte’s T-shirt you gave with the car as advertisement and I had a number of guys ask about Conte’s and also gave your business card to a member.
I don’t know if I’ll ever part with the ’99 FRC but if I do, I’ll be back at Conte’s looking for another Corvette.

Thanks Again,

June & Steve, New Jersey
Dear Tricia and Joe, We traveled to North Carolina twice to look over a car in which we were interested. That particular car, although very nice, was on the market for two years as we had learned, had very high mileage and I felt it was overpriced. Something led me to believe that maybe it did not sell for those reasons. Searching the net we found Conte's gave a call and after speaking to Tricia, from North Carolina, we headed home making an appointment to come down to Conte's. Little did we know, being new to the area, that you folks were in our backyard. Had we known of your company sooner you had that same style vette on your lot, but lower mileage and lower priced, which we missed! As we wanted a "special" vette we considered rare-you had just the one. Being retired and this being our first vette, the time you both took in assisting us and educating us was more then expected. No high pressure sales. No matter what our questions were, and there were many, you answered them all with assurance. Thanks so much in making our first vette purchase enjoyable. While not to be a daily driver, it will be a garage "queen", the few miles a month we plan to drive her is all we will expect. Again, thanks, your time was invaluable to us. There are not many businesses that go out of their way to make the customer comfortable.

June and Steve

Robbie, New Jersey
Joe, Thank you so much for having the patience and the time to give me a lesson on driving the Corvette and making sure I was comfortable enough to drive it home. It is a wonderful car and I appreciate how well you treated me.

Sincerely, Robbie

Robert J.
Joe: Well, it has been 3 months since I purchased the '91 ZR1 from you and I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for all your help in purchasing this beautiful automobile. I am having a fantastic time with the ZR and am completely pleased and overwhelmed with the purchase of it. I will enjoy this car for a multitude of years. I, of course, have recommended you to many people and will continue to do so. Hopefully I will have another opportunity for purchase another vette in the future and if that opportunity does arise, I will be coming straight to you. Again thank you very much.

Robert J.

David S., NJ
Joe: I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding service, honestly, and professionalism. My 1987 Corvette Convertible is by far one of my favorite cars. I will recommend you to anybody looking for a Corvette or classic car.

David S., NJ

Cindy & Norman M., NJ
Joe: Thank you for all of your help in making my Corvette dream come true!

Thank you, Cindy & Norman M., NJ

Rod R.
Dear Joe: I just wanted to drop a note and let you know what a pleasure it was to do business with you and report that the blue coupe that I bought for my wife is all you said it would be and more. She is the envy of everyone and is thrilled with the handling and performance of the car. I was not hesitant to buy the car because I was comfortable with you personality, your representation, and most of all, your integrity. I recommend you to everyone I speak with and insist that if they are looking for a car, they contact you.

I am sure that we will do business in the future. Thanks for making my gift to my wife one of the best things I have been able to do for her. All the best to you, your family, and your business.

Sincerely, Rod R.

Franks A.
Gentlemen, I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for the service you provided to the 1978 Corvette that I recently purchased from you. Realizing it is a 22 year old vehicle, I thought there would be some issues. On the problems that I did not expect, you stood behind the car and repaired the items at no charge to me in a professional way. It is not often today that a business stands behind its product after the fact, especially a used automobile.

If I am asked who I would go to, to purchase a used Corvette or service an existing one, you guys are top on the list. Not only did you make it a pleasant experience, you probably saved my marriage.

Thank you and best regards, Franks A.

Gregg C. FL
Dear Joe: I would like to thank you and would recommend your company to anyone who is looking for a good used Corvette. You were very professional, did not misrepresent the car and provided excellent service.

Thanks for your help, Gregg C. FL

James B., PA
Joe: I would like to thank you for helping me decide which Corvette best suited my needs. After years of learning the ins and outs about Harley Davidson motorcycles, the thought of trying to learn all of this once again was intimidating. Your total honesty and genuine concern that your customers are satisfied with their purchase made me comfortable enough based on the car, not on whether or not I could trust the salesman!!

Your reputation as an honest and true Vette enthusiast is well known and reiterated by past and present customers... even the competition speaks highly of you! I applaud you for maintaining your dignity and character in a business that others have exploited the customers lack of knowledge!!

Yesterday was like a dream come true, I felt like a little boy on Christmas morning (who got everything he asked for)!!!

Thanks, James B., PA

Joanne F., NJ
Hi Joe: I just wanted to thank you so very much for marketing my Corvette for me, and for all your efforts in moving it for me.

Regards, Joanne F., NJ

Bob A.
I just wanted to thank everyone at Conte's for the work done on my car; you are a great bunch of people.

Thanks again, Bob A.

Mark R., NJ
Dear Joe: Thanks so much for handling the sale of my Corvette. I truly appreciate all your efforts and excellent results.

Sincerely, Mark R., NJ

BD, Canada
Hi Joe: Just wanted to Thank you and your wife again for the great hospitality when we picked up the 72’ LT1. We love the car and it sure got lots of attention where ever we stopped! Many compliments!

Regards, BD, Canada

BP, New Jersey
Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know I love the black/black 94 coupe I purchased from you ---- great ride/looks great, and I got all good comments about it.
I'm 100% happier with the Corvette compared to the HD I just sold --- just wish I did it sooner. This is my new toy..part time/weekend ride...
I will see you in the future for my service needs.

Thanks again, BP, New Jersey

MD, Canada
Joe & Tricia, I am grateful to say this the best automotive purchase experience in my life and speak of your Business often with genuine pleasure and satisfaction to anyone wishing to purchase a Corvette. Congratulations on your 35th year in business and here's hoping for many many more years of continued success.

Regards, MD, Canada

VK, Florida
Hi Joe, Love the vette. It is immaculate, rides well, and has lots of power. Thanks for prepping it for me with such short notice too!
I would buy another Corvette from you without any hesitation, because of your integrity and personal touch with your customers.
Thanks, VK, Florida

KM, New Jersey
Joe, What a nice ride home. The Vette ran great, looks perfect, and will be taken care of with the same loyalty that you show your cars and customers. My wife and I were very pleased working with you, Tricia, and the entire staff at Conte’s Corvettes. Could not wait to get the car, and now can’t wait for nicer weather so we can get it out of the garage.

Thanks Joe! KM, New Jersey

CW, Germany
Hello Tricia, hello Joe, After a long long time of waiting for my 1970 C3 the carrier comes last
wednesday from amsterdam to my home.

i bought that car blind, i saw only pictures and i trusted all that words of you.
and believe me i pray since december that all you say about the corvette is true.

now the car is at my house and i am very happy. i wanna tell you
that i regret nothing. the optical and the technical conditions are perfect for
my person. no bad surprises, just a beautiful car - like you told me!

i will advise you in the german corvette-communitiy!

Regards, CW, Germany

KL, New Jersey
Joe, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your assistance and purchase of my Corvette. Your professional approach to my unfortunate situation has aided me in beginning a positive step toward regaining a financial stability. Every member of your business was professional and courteous. I came to you by way of positive recommendations from several friends. I leave our transaction as someone who will continue the positive feedback and recommendations in favor of your company. Again, thank you for your assistance and I'm sorry you were not there today for me to thank in person.

Respectfully Submitted, KL, New Jersey

DH, New Jersey
Joe, I want to thank you for making the purchase of my dream car come true. Now my garage is complete with this car and my Harley. I must say you, your wife and the rest of your staff have been very helpful and friendly through the entire process.

Thanks again!! I will pass on the good word.

DH, New Jersey

RF, Rhode Island
Good afternoon Joe,

I wanted to pass along my sincerest "Thank You" for making the purchase of my Corvette such a pleasurable experience. I received all the paperwork necessary and have successfully registered my car/ With the extended nice weather we have been experiencing I have had the opportunity to drive her around and she is absolutely perfect. Everything I expected and more now that I have spent time behind the wheel.

I have never had such a positive experience in purchasing a vehicle in my life. You made this extremely easy, and the quick responses to my numerous requests to satisfy the Rhode Island requirements was something I have never experienced.

You and your staff are truly the best. Thank you again Joe!!

-RF, Rhode Island

Roger, New York

 Marty, I just wanted to let you know I received the other key and other information in the mail and appreciate you mailing them promptly. I had driven the car to Buffalo NY. last week and enjoyed the ride completely in the Camaro SS 45th it is so much fun to drive and a total pleasure and the car gets a lot of looks which I expected. I still have the temp NJ tag and your Conte's Corvette white plate that was on the front I am very proud of the car and want people to see where the car was from and that it was sold from your dealership there in Vineland NJ. I am writing a short statement below and if you want to place in your customer testimonial section in your Conte's Corvettes site please feel free to do so. Again it was a great experience and a total pleasure meeting you and completing a great transaction and could not have gone better. I love just looking at this awesome Chevy SS 45th in my garage and it is a thrilling retro Camaro. GM hit everything right on this special edition car. Love it! Back in a Chevy again! Thank You Again For Everything Marty. Sincerely, Roger.

-Roger, New York

TM, New Jersey
Hello Marty!
I wanted to write and tell you how much I’m enjoying the 93’ I purchased from you. As you’re already aware, I am a repeat customer, even though it’s been quite a few years in between. This time around was even smoother than the first time. I want to thank you for your knowledge in explaining things about the car and your staffs for the smooth transition from the test drive to the final paperwork at time of purchase. You’ve stood behind the sale in correcting any little issues, and just been so patient with all my questions. The Red Pinstripes you had installed for me really set the car off and I received many compliments already. On top of everything, to have you sell my 1982 on consignment was extremely easy. It was done in such a proficient manner and in a very reasonable time frame! All around, everything went extremely well and I couldn’t be happier! You can be sure that if I decide to upgrade again, I’ll be back to see you.
Thank you Marty!

-Terry, NJ

I traveled 70 miles to look at a '95 Corvette. When entering the business you fall in love with all the different generation Vettes. It's like looking at watches in a Rolex store, it makes you want to buy one. I met Marty, the managing partner. He wasn't your usual salesman. He told me the pros and cons of owning a Corvette. He had the patience of answering all my questions. When the time came to see the car, it was detailed and had half a tank of gas. It looked great! (Many dealers have cars showing close to empty gas gauges). I took it out for a spin and it was great. However, when returning to the dealers it was making a noise. It was determined that the water pump was shot. Marty stated, prior to selling the car he would have the water pump replaced and check other items on the car. I offered to put down a deposit and he said it wasn't necessary. He would hold the car for me. He also noted the dry rotted tires were just replaced with new ones. Later in the week, Marty called advising the status of the Vette. He also advised me of the final selling price, which I thought was fair and reasonable. On 5/19/17, I drove down to purchase my Corvette. I met Marty and we again "went over" the car. He also mentioned their three month 50/50 warranty. It seemed to be a pretty good deal. He told me he would get me an owner's manual and an extra set of keys for the car. As I drove away, I felt the power of a Vette. I drove 70 miles home and loved the Corvette experience. In closing, I've owned many cars, both old and new. I've dealt with many dealerships and salesmen. I must say the experience you have at Conte's Corvettes and dealing with Marty is heads above the others. It's a dealership that does things the right way.


Ralph, NJ

Hi Marty,

The Laguna Blue Corvette is awesome!!  I have had so many comments on the car from fellow Military members at the base.  Actually, comments everywhere I go with it….neighbors, people in town, etc.

 It was a pleasure to meet Marty during my recent visit to Conte’s Corvettes to purchase my 2016 Corvette.  Marty made the entire process very relaxing and enjoyable with absolutely no sales pressure.  Marty is a guy who truly loves Corvettes and conversing with Corvette enthusiasts.  Conte’s Corvettes offers second-to-none quality Corvettes from all vintages.  I will happily recommend Conte’s Corvettes to anyone who may ask where I purchased my car from who has interest in pursuing a Corvette.

-Ralph from New Jersey


Took the Z06 to its first car show with me today and it drew frequent attention; just the sound of it driving in turned heads. I am enjoying the car and I appreciate the buying experience that you provided. Your low pressure and informative manner was greatly appreciated. I also wanted to thank the guys in the shop; they did an excellent job of preparing the car for delivery and patiently answered all my questions. I feel like I have a new group of friends to visit now. Thanks again. 

-Greg, New Jersey


Hello Marty, 

I  bought the 1994 torch red corvette with 24,000 miles from you in early december. I am loving it and am absolutely totally thrilled with it.The  weather has allowed me to drive it pretty much, which I didn’t expect in the winter. Feel free to use that positive feedback I sent in a while back on your site. It would be my pleasure to be associated with Conte’s. If I had some spare change, I’d buy a second one, but I’m pretty sure my wife would shoot me.  

-All the best, Bob, New Jersey

Barry, NJ

Hello Marty, 

My experience with Conte's Corvette has morphed into a deep trust in a company that values customers over anything else. Marty is always available to field calls about my 50th anniversary 2003 Corvette.
I was new to the Corvette family and Marty took the time to explain the pros and cons of each generation.
Conte's Corvette has earned my trust and if you are looking to purchase a Corvette or require service,.. I can’t say enough about how well they treat you.
To Conte's Corvette I say thanks for all.

-Barry from Clifton, NJ


Carol, NJ 

Hello Marty, 

I just wanted to thank Marty for selling our beloved corvette. My husband purchased the car as his dream retirement gift. UNFORTUNATELY , he got sick and we had to sell the car. Marty made this undertaking seamless. He was kind and compassionate and sold the car within two weeks. He took all of the stress off of my plate and handled everything. I highly recommended Conte's Corvettes.

- Carol, New Jersey

Phil and Donna, NJ 

Hi Marty. I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We are so happy with our new corvette. And I can’t thank you enough for sending the boys out to help me when I got stranded on the way home. You run an outstanding honest business and it was a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks again. Phil and Donna. You’re the best!

- Phil and Donna, New Jersey


Jeff and Doris, NJ 

Wanted to thank you so much for selling my 73 Corvette and obtaining my 07 Callaway corvette. My Callaway drives great. I could not ask for a better car. you made the selling and buying process so easy for us. It was our pleasure to do business with you. Beautiful shop, beautiful showroom, and cars. Top-notch. May God Bless you, your family, and your business. Thanks again. 

- Jeff and Doris, New Jersey


Bruce, MD 

Marty and his staff are a 5 star on everything. The purchase was smooth, and he went beyond to make the car perfect.

- Bruce F, Marlyand


Greg, NJ 

Marty and Team,

Wanted to thank you guys for such a great experience with purchasing the Corvette. From the no pressure/hassles sales process, ease of the transaction, and the knowledge and discussion of the vehicles and market. The service team was awesome in speaking with them about the car and test drive experience.

I look forward to having Conte’s service the vehicle and a continued relationship with Contes. Thanks again for such a great experience.

Thanks for helping with a bucket list item!

- Greg New Jeresy



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